Bored of Developing Android Apps?

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Bored of Developing Android Apps?


Your bank of mobile apps in the smartphone has definitely made life easier and faster without any second doubt. But do you know as every developer agrees – it’s a pain to develop a Mobile App! One of the major reason is the time it takes to test any small change. The building process, installation and manually testing every change is time-consuming. Without right tools, it will take forever for the simplest of changes. So to make it easier I thought of contributing a bit of my knowledge in this space. Here I recommend few tools to improve your productivity while developing on android and to make this building process more fun.

  • Physical Device – First and foremost thing is to have a physical device for testing. Don’t depend on emulators since installation process is time-consuming. Use a proper mobile holder while coding for development. Another tip is to have automatic screensaver time set to 5 mins or more so that you won’t have to unlock every time, as you install changes.
  • Design Screen & Mirrors – Use the ‘layout design’ screen of the Android Studio – it is the easiest and fastest way to laying out the screens. In case you want to preview the layout and colors simultaneously on multiple physical devices, then Jimu Mirror is a good choice. This makes UI development faster and with pixel perfect.
  • Android Espresso Tests – The espresso test framework makes the android development faster. If you use the Test Driven Development approach to writing the tests first, you can get more benefits. You can directly launch the activity you want to test and use operations like perform(click()), matches withText, isDisplayed etc to navigate or input the required text or click on the buttons. This gives the advantage to test your activities on a physical device without even touching the device. Trust me, this is usually much faster than manually picking up the device, entering the required text and clicking on the required buttons.
  • Google Firebase Test Lab – Firebase Test Lab for Android provides cloud-based infrastructure for testing Android apps. All the espresso tests you have written along with Robo test can be executed on multiple physical devices provided by Google. No more worrying whether your app will work on various versions of Android SDK or different types of mobile. You write the test cases and execute them on the device of your choice to see how your application performs. The best part is you will get a recording of how your app looks and behaves during the test.

I am sure there are lot of such tips which can make android development faster, do comment and let me know or if you have any specific question please mail me at

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