Top Java Programs asked in an Interview

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Top Java Programs asked in an Interview


The placement season is almost a month away for most of you and I am sure there is enough hullabaloo around – what to study, which material to refer, how to start and many more. Therefore, we thought to make it easier for you by introducing a blog series to help you with interview questions, especially the programming part.

Over the years I have observed that there are certain programs which have remained favorite among most of the interviewers. There is no hidden secret for these questions to be on the top list but for the simple reason that they help interviewers test your basic problem-solving ability. This means if you have not answered them correctly there is definitely no chance to succeed.

Hence, here is the list of top 10 Java programs you should know and understand completely and be able to explain thoroughly to the interviewer.

  1. Finding if a number is prime
  2. Factorial program using recursion
  3. Sorting integers in an array using bubble sort
  4. Finding the student with highest marks in a class
  5. Vehicle Class Hierarchy
  6. Room Class Composition
  7. Copy files from one directory to another using Threads (request for program)
  8. Simple Student Maintenance like Create, Read, Update and Delete Student using File Database (request for program)
  9. Student Ranking using by total marks then by maths, then by age
  10. Simple Calculator Applet (request for program)

These questions enable interviewer to evaluate following about you during any job interview,

  1. Basic level of coding
  2. Logical thought process
  3. Problem-solving ability

So it’s very important to be well versed with the above programming questions before you plan to attend any interviews. Though you can choose any language to solve these problems unless asked, Java is the most common language in which programmers speak. Every programmer actively works on Java once in their lifetime and it’s always easy for a seamless transition to any other language from here.

So if you are preparing to sit for an interview anytime soon, you can brush up these questions at earliest and thank me later.

What next? Well, I am going to talk about Core Java interview questions in my next blog, so stay connected.

If you have any specific questions in mind related to interviews, feel free to write me at and I shall help you at the earliest.

Happy Learning!

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