Technology Aimed to Change the Way We Learn

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Technology Aimed to Change the Way We Learn


In 2012 when Sreenivas and I had to invest over 2-3 months to just train new employees for our software company, we realized that the existing traditional institutes and online courses are not of much help to the students and job seekers. We understood that there is a big loophole in the complete learning process of programming languages due to lack of practical approach. Being an engineer I personally realized that four years of engineering in computer science doesn’t contribute during job hunt or career thereafter, there is a constant struggle to progress and improve skills with every passing year.

Today 90% of the students & professionals usually have a restricted theoretical knowledge of any programming languages, which eventually force every organisation to invest their time on training them before on-boarding, that’s where MeritCampus is trying to fit in the online persona – an online Java training platform at cost effective price.

Why say no to traditional training:

  • They are expensive because it involves cost of infrastructure and trainers, and is an add on to your tight budget
  • Time-consuming where you might end up investing 2 hours in travelling to reach the institute
  • No flexibility and chances are high that you might miss on classes due to minor changes in your daily routine
  • Programming language requires constant practice and if you do not have long-term access to platform to practice it on regular basis, they may soon be alien to you

Why say yes to online training:

  • Online courses cost you half the price of traditional courses. Online trainers are available to help you resolve your issues without additional cost.
  • Learn from anywhere in your free time, learn more in less time
  • Practice tests and quizzes can help you keep track on your progress. You can re-learn and brush up difficult concepts on regular basis, to ensure you don’t forget the programming language with time
  • Online access to compilers makes it easier to learn and constant practice helps one learn faster

This is why we started MeritCampus platform to provide online training courses in core and advanced Java. Each course is comprehensive and customized as per the requirement of learner – basic course for beginners and advanced courses for professionals. There are a number of courses, quizzes and practice tests available for FREE with compiler access, ensuring that learning programming language should be a cakewalk for anyone.

Currently, we have 7500 registered users and 12000 unregistered users who visit our website regularly to access the Free Java knowledge base available online. Though MeritCampus started with Java courses, but we have recently started offering few courses on Android and plans to slowly expand our reach providing training on other programming languages such as Ruby on Rails, iOS, Web Technology and Angular JS. Since the platform is online and language is English, we cater to students not only in India but also to learners in US, UK and Europe.

Try our FREE DEMO today.

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