Struggling to learn Java?

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struggling to learn Java


Have you ever tried learning new foreign language? Or maybe we can also talk about learning new local language?


If yes, I have few questions:

  1. What motivated you to learn it?
  2. For how many days you tried to learn it with discipline?
  3. Were you able to learn it somehow (at least speak a bit)?
  4. Do you still remember it and fluent enough?


If your answers have a positive inclination to all above questions, then I am sure you are self-motivated and amazingly disciplined person. This article is definitely not for you.


But if your answer is NO, then ………..


Personally I had never been able to achieve this commitment towards learning any new language, end result – I manage with what I know. This formula works out in most of the cases, until it becomes a necessity. But then there were also instance when I was genuinely interested in learning a new language i.e programming language Java because of three reasons:


  1. Computer was in boom then and Java was one of its language
  2. I knew I could do pretty much cool things with Java (as far as I had heard)
  3. I wanted to relate with this term ‘technology’


I believe it’s all the same when the word ‘language’ is attached to it – pretty much alien when you see it for the first time. But as I started learning it everyday, I realised it’s pretty easy to remember the syntax, some oops concepts and few rules of ‘class’ and here you go – I can code!  Soon I realised that was just the start, and I had long way to go – there was no end and with every page I were learning new hacks. Amazingly, being a Java enthusiast for 15 years, I still feel the same – new learning every day.


So are you struggling to learn Java everyday? Not sure how and where to start? Not enthusiastic enough but a necessity for career progression?


Let’s get started and finish in just 5 steps:


  1. Move ahead with technology, adopt online learning – flexible and interesting.
  2. Take help from experts – professionals preferably to understand the real time requirements.
  3. Practice everyday, even if it’s for few hours – I mean it, EVERYDAY!
  4. Keep track of your progress, take more quizz, more test papers and improve.
  5. Implement small projects one every month or may be a little bigger one on quarterly basis.


Try these small hacks and you will see a faster exponential growth in your learning – a real time learning.


Any queries, please reach out to me at or visit us at MeritCampus .

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