Online Platforms to Become Java Expert

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Online Platforms to Become Java Expert


Over the years, I have been recommending online learning courses to everyone over traditional ways. This is not because I have started the online Java learning platform but I have understood how it can be beneficial to individuals both at beginner and professional level. These online courses are:

  • Time saving
  • Interactive
  • Real-time
  • Flexible
  • Affordable

Hence, as a learner, you don’t have a single reason to not opt for online courses. But I am sure one difficulty that every learner face is to choose the best option among number of online platforms. Every learner is different so is their requirement, a platform which is helpful for your colleague or batch-mate might not be helpful for you. Therefore, it’s very important to choose the right learning platform and customized course for yourself.

As a Java expert for years, I can help Java learners right away. It is very important to analyse your expertise level before proceeding, hence you can start by taking few quizzes here and then evaluate the best platform to learn Java.


For Beginners:

CodingBat: If you have already finished reading knowledge base and looking for a platform to practice basic problems related to strings, arrays etc, you should definitely bookmark CodingBat. The practice problems are simple and will help you crystallize your concepts. There are no online tutors available but the programs available are simple to understand and one does not need any external guidance.

You can also take online quizzes available on their platform.

Codecademy: If you are a student or looking to start a new career as Java developer, Codecademy can help you with their self-paced training courses. The topics and related exercises are perfect to help you kick-start your programming career. They have a strong knowledge base but you might need a tutor guidance to approach practical programs.

MeritCampus: Tutor guidance is very important while starting with any new programming language and that is the USP of MeritCampus. You can access free knowledge base as well as paid online tutor guidance for customized learning. All the video classes are one-on-one sessions, which ensures effective learning.

There are many free quizzes and practice sessions available to make you ready for real-time jobs as a fresher.


For Experts:

CodeChef: If you are ready to take up challenges and short contests to test your programming skills, you can explore various competitions on Codechef platform. There are no barriers to using any particular language in competition hence makes the whole approach very interesting.

This platform is perfect for programming experts, though sometimes questions are difficult.

HackerRank: If you are an expert in programming and looking for a job, explore best opportunities on HackerRank. The regular competitions and numerous questions makes it an exciting platform to program, additionally when it comes with the best job offers in town.

Though, it’s difficult for a novice to start programming on HackerRank.

Hope this article will help you make better decisions for better learning!

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