How to prepare for Java interview in less than 7 days?

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How to prepare for Java interview in less than 7 days

As an everyday ritual, I help people by answering lot of simple and complicated questions on quora, and the most common questions I come across is around this:

‘How can I prepare for Java interview in less than 7 days?’ (also one of the most ‘googled’ question).

This takes me back to my college days and the hyper-tensed situation a day before job placements. I was always a Java enthusiast and even after reading so many books and going through unlimited interview related questions, nothing seemed to help. In fact at a later stage when I started working, the pattern of interview questions changed, focused more towards my work experience but the basic questions still remained the same. I realized I needed to brush my Java concepts before every interview since it’s not about cracking the most difficult question asked in an interview but rather answering the simplest ones such as ‘What is Servlet in Java’ or What is the difference between overriding and overloading?

So I thought of saving you from the endless struggle to learn Java and help you prepare better for your next interview. (Also please share this link if you also happen to come across people ‘googling’ the similar question)

  1. Make a note of every topic in Java you are well-versed with, take a Free Quiz related to topics you know and check your performance. You can relax and learn new concepts if you have scored more than 90%, otherwise revise your basic concepts again.
  2. Java interview will definitely include the set of questions to test your basic programming skills. And sometimes it does happen that you forget how to write the simplest program, not because you don’t remember the syntax but because you might have forgotten the formula to calculate factorial of number ‘x’. Be sure to refer the list of basic programs.
  3. Practice as you learn – this is mantra to become a successful programmer and to remember everything for next 50 years (assuming you are 20 years now and would be a coder at 70).
  4. Keep your basics very very clear, it can be knowing answers to the simplest question such as ‘what is programming’ which you should be able to answer within 30 seconds. You never know with these interviewers.
  5. And if you are a professional with n number of work experience, refresh your mind with everything you have learnt in your project till now – in and out.

These tips should definitely help you to tackle the technical side of the interview, and in case you are searching for knowledge base to learn Java, please feel free to have a look at our FREE available courses on MeritCampus.

All the best!

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