Practice Makes Things Easier!

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Practice makes things easier- Merit Campus

Practice Makes Things Easier:


The golden rule to learn and excel in anything – ‘Practice’! More you practice, More you remember and more you learn – that’s how you self improve, be it spoken english or computer programming languages.


I have been training students in Java programming language since almost 15 years now. There are beginners, there are professionals and then there are intermediate learners – every learner is different – with different capacity to grasp and understand, few learn quickly from books, and few from videos, but one method which has always been the secret recipe for fast learner is their practical approach to every problem.


For any beginner, a new programming languages is nothing less than a chinese script with new keywords and  special syntax, and it seems that the only way to remember them is sit and memorize them till your brains freezes them forever. Doesn’t look like an easy task. So if that’s how you have been learning programming languages, well let me ALERT – you were doing it wrong all throughout your life until now.


The single most important thing to do while learning programming language is to actually write programs. Compare it with anything such as learning how to drive a new car, you need to practice it daily until you are confident and courageous enough to drive it all alone by yourself. In case of programming language you need to understand the basics, pick a problem and practice all different possibilities to achieve one result. And you will be amazed by your own creativity as you proceed. Practice is very essential to any programmer, specially in the learning phase – more you practice, faster you learn, easier to remember the syntax and keywords, till it becomes part of your everyday language.


So start with a book or online course of your choice, open compiler and start writing snippets and codes – you just need one month and you will see the difference.


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