Merit Campus Java Internship

Java Internship through Merit Campus

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Here is an excellent internship opportunity for the learners at Merit Campus. Once you are registered member of Merit Campus and cleared the Level-3 of competition, we offer you an internship opportunity for 6 months. This internship program will be offered with “Cerone Software Private Limited (”. During internship you will receive a stipend of 5000/- per month to be paid after 6 months.

How to participate

  1. Please register on the website at
  2. Take the tests at
  3. Write more tests at
  4. See your test results at
  5. Constantly check your ranks and marks at
  6. Check your position in Weekly contest at and merit certificates at
  7. When you score 2100 marks, please send an email to with your email id, mobile number and address. We will schedule an in-person interview and award you the level 3 certificate.

Videos Resources

  1. – English
  2. – English
  3. – Telugu
  4. – Telugu

Final Evaluation

In order to ensure that the score is obtained in proper ways we will be conducting an in person test to check the validity. If there is any discrepancy in the marks scored and the questions answered we will not be awarding level 3 certificate.

Benefits of clearing level 3

  1. Working with the technologies like Core Java, Android, iOS, Play Framework, Scala, Angular JS, Node JS, Ruby, C,C++, Shell Scripting.
  2. Internship opportunity for 6 months from Cerone Software Pvt Ltd and the work certificate. 
  3. Stipend of Rs.5000 per month.


What is the importance of Merit Campus level 3?

Clearing level 3 at Merit Campus needs lot of programming skills and passion for programming. There are lot of MCQs and programming questions which need to be answered. This continuous tests are similar to realtime environment where we have to continuously solve new problems with your skills. We are looking for good programming talent and we will further groom one for the latest technologies.

Where is the location of the internship?

You will be doing your internship in Kavali, India. More details are available at

WhatsApp Group

We have a whatsapp group to discuss all your queries or questions. If you are interested please send a whatsapp message to +91 85006 22255 requesting us to add you in the whatsapp group. Joining this group will give you an advantage while practising for level 3 certification.

If there are any further questions please send an email to or post a comment here with your question.

All the best and looking forward to work with you.


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