Should I Learn Java Dotnet Ruby

Should I learn Java or .Net or Ruby?

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Many freshers have this question of whether to learn Java or .Net or Ruby or some other programming language. The first question you have to ask is whether you want to become a programmer or do you want to become a tester/QA. Depending upon your aptitude and your ability to solve logical problems you can choose to become a programmer or a tester.

Once you have decided to become a programmer, then the next big question is what programming language do you start with?

In order to answer that question you need to consider the following points.

1. Do you have any prior programming experience in your college or project?

If you have spent considerable amount of time programming in your college or in mini project then it is better to continue with that language. This will give you an edge to perfect your programming skills.

2. How many of your friends or acquaintances are working in that programming language?

If you have some professionals who are working with the same programming language, then it is advantageous. Because programming is difficult and having people to help you when you are stuck is really important. Otherwise there are very good chances that you will give up.

3. Do you have any training centre or online tutors who can help you with your practice?

For any programming language it is important that you do lot of practice. Without practice just listening to classes will not help. So you should find some trainers who help you with your practice. Without this it will be very difficult to make a career as a programmer.

4. Do you have good material like topics, videos and practice exercises on this language?

As mentioned earlier learning programming is time consuming and needs lot of effort. Having good material with topics, videos and practice exercises make this process a bit smoother.

5. What are the market trends? What are the new innovations in that language?

If you have same amount of access for friends/acquaintances who know that language, tutors who can help you with practice and same good material, then you can consider market trends and job opportunities. Directly choosing a language because there is market today is not a good idea.

For long term success it is important that you learn one programming language thoroughly than just knowing the basics of market trending language.

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