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Self-Paced Training vs Instruction-Led Training, what works for you?

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When it comes to pursuing a course in Java, the first and foremost aspect that needs to be considered by a student is the training format – whether he/she would want to opt for a Self-Paced training format or the Instructor-Led training format. If cost is the major determining factor, then most of you might consider the Self-Paced training, as it definitely comes cheaper than the latter one. It can be quickly delivered to a larger audience all over the world. In contrary to Self-Paced training, Instructor-Led training is an expensive option as it is limited to a smaller audience and the delivery is also much slower. The similarity between the two is, both methods of training are delivered online.

However, when you are determined about completing the training course and learning something new, then, cost should not be the only determining factor. For this, you need to understand how Self-Paced training is delivered and how Instructor-Led training is delivered, what are the pros and cons of each method of learning and above all what best suits you.  Not every learning method can be effective for everyone. Every person is different and their approach of learning can vary too.

Self-Paced Training

With Self-Paced training, as already mentioned, that it can be quickly delivered to the larger audience, it is an on-demand e-learning program that is offered through cloud based software, where trainers can upload their available learning material into recorded videos. It can reach out among people living in different places across different time zones, at once. Self-paced learning easily adjusts to every student’s requirement.


  • You can run the course on your PC, from wherever you are.
  • You can also cover as many sections you can, instead of everything that has been uploaded at once.
  • Suppose you are sick and not in a position to do any learning on a particular day, the missed course is available for you to visit anytime.
  • Also, when you do not understand particular concepts at one go, you can always go back to go through it again and again.
  • E-learning methodology of learning includes quizzes to test your learning experience.


  • Since it is a non-Instructor-Led method, it does not provide any opportunity for non-verbal communication or interaction with the Instructor.
  • With recorded videos, it becomes a one-way communication with no scope for asking questions to the Instructor.
  • There is no scope for instant feedback from an Instructor on your learning.
  • Sometimes, for difficult concepts, a face-to-face explanation from an Instructor may be needed.
  • Requires dedication for the completion of course, which may not be possible for people with a busy schedule.
  • The facility of going back to catch up with the missed course can de-motivate to stay disciplined.

Instructor-Led training

Instructor-Led training is also delivered online, however in the form of a video conference. Thus, it simulates a typical class-room setting. A Student can ask questions to the Instructor and it also comes with the facility of sharing screens with each other. As mentioned earlier, it is limited to smaller groups. An Instructor will talk and interact with students, just like a face-to-face to train them.


  • As it is for smaller groups, you can be 100 percent assured of getting an individual attention.
  • Your Instructor can personally help you when you are stuck with difficult concepts.
  • It provides scope for verbal communications and interaction with the Instructor.
  • With the facility of sharing screens, your instructor can show you practically ‘how it works’ on screen.
  • You can get immediate feedback on your learning from your Instructor. 
  • It drives you to stay disciplined irrespective of any busy schedules. 


  • You might find it more expensive when compared to the Self-Paced training program.
  • You might end up missing sessions when you are sick. But you can always check back the recorded sessions.

At Merit Campus, we do have both Self-Paced training and Instructor-Led training for regular Java Course. If you are a working professional or a person with a busy schedule, or  if you are serious about successfully completing the program, then, Instructor-Led training is highly recommended as it certainly would drive you to stay disciplined and dedicated towards successful completion of the course.

If you are sceptical, if Instructor-Led training would work for you or not, you may register for a free demo class on the day and time that is convenient for you. Simply click on the following link to register and get a glimpse of what Instructor-Led training for the regular Java course can offer you.

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