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Why beginners should focus on one programming technology?

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After graduating, there are multiple career paths which a person can choose. Every career has its own positives and negatives.

All careers might not be suitable for everyone. The career you choose should be suitable for you and you should enjoy that. If you do something which you enjoy, you can perform and progress well in your career.

What Steve Job Says about Passion?

As Steve Jobs says, we should identify your career based upon your passion. You should not choose a career, because it is paying good money or if there are number of opportunities. You should choose a career, which you are passionate about and you enjoy doing. Until you figure out what your passion is, you can do some odd jobs. But the moment you figure out where your heart lives, you should pursue and excel in that career.

Do you want to become a Software Programmer?

If you choose to become a software programmer/engineer, then you should like programming, logical thinking and you should enjoy solving problems. You should also be ready to learn and constantly improve since there will be lot of technologies which will be released on day to day basis. It might be a problem if you choose this career, just because it is lucrative/fancy.

Once you are sure you want become a software programmer/engineer and want to make a career with it, choose one technology and become perfect it. Dont learn little bit of C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS etc, but learn one thing perfectly. It could be either C++ or Java or the web technologies like Ruby, HTML or anything else. But once you have chosen, then stick with that technology for at least 2 years so that you can perfect it, before you learn any other technology.

Finally note that no one will respect you if you can solve simple problem in five different languages, but you are only worth if you can solve complex problems in one language/technology. Understand that applications like google, facebook, whatsapp etc are not famous because they use multiple languages, but they are famous because they solve the complex problems using one technology stack.

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